Rasnow Peak Observatory


optical and Radio observatory in Newbury Park

Our observatory is primarily used visually for education and charity fund raising events. The observatory consists of a 10’ HomeDome housing a Meade 14” LX200GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain catadioptric telescope (instruction manual). A goal is to eventually remotely control the observatory via TheSky6 software. 

Other instruments and accessories include:

  1. Coronado 90mm 0.7 angstrom Hydrogen Alpha filter

  2. Sky90 Fluorite Refractor on a GEM

  3. Photometrics CH350 CCD camera with a glycol cooled to -40 megapixel (1024x1024x24 micron) SITe backthinned chip

  4. Ocean Optics USB4000 spectrometer

  5. Dual PTI photomultiplier

  6. Etaluma Lumascope 500 microscope


  1. 02 May 08 -- First photos from the 14” are at picklesFirstImages02May08x.pdf.

  2. 09 Oct 09 -- LCROSS impact on the moon recorded with an Astrovid Planetary CCD video camera: LCROSS.pdf

  3. Comparison of Meade 10” and 14” LX200

  4. More photos with Nikon D300 at the 14” prime focus

  5. Spectra of bright stars and planets

  6. Hydrogen Alpha images of the sun

  7. Nikon D810A images