Electric Fish Publications

Our electric fish research has appeared in:

The following is a partial list of our publications.

  • Rasnow B (2005) Measuring and visualizing EOD fields. In Ladich F, Collin SP, Moller P, Kapoor BG (Eds.) Communication In Fishes. Science Publishers Inc., Enfield, NH, USA ISBN 1-57808-328-1
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  • Stoddard, P.K., Rasnow, B., Assad, C. (1999) The electric organ discharges of the gymnotiform fishes: III. Brachyhypopomus. J Comp. Physiol. A, in press.
  • Assad, C., Rasnow, B., Stoddard, P.K., Bower, J.M. (1998) The electric organ discharges of the gymnotiform fishes: II. Eigenmannia . J Comp. Physiol. A, 183(4):419-432.
  • Rasnow, B., Bower, J.M. (1997) Imaging with Electricity: How Weakly Electric Fish Might Perceive Objects. In Computational Neuroscience Trends in Research 1997. Plenum, New York pp 795-800.
  • Rasnow, B., Assad, C., Hartmann, M., Bower, J.M. Applications of Multimedia Computers and Video Mixing to Neuroethology. J. Neurosci. Methods 76:83-91.
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  • Rasnow, B. (1996) The effects of simple objects on the electric field of Apteronotus. J Comp. Physiol. A, 178:397-411.
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  • Assad, C., Rasnow, B., and Bower, J.M. (1992) Numerical simulations of the electric organ discharge of weakly electric fish. In Bower, J.M. and Eeckman, F. (Eds.) Computation and Neural Systems. Kluwer Press, Boston, pp. 281-285.
  • Williams, R., Rasnow, B., Assad, C. (1990) Hypercube Simulations of Electric Fish Potentials. In Wakler, D. (Ed.), Proc. Fifth Distributed Memory Computing Conference, Charleston, SC.
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