Caltech E/ME105


Product design for the developing world

In 2007 and 2008 I traveled to Guatemala with the Caltech and Universidad Rafael Landivar students participating in Professor Ken Pickar’s E/ME105 course.

In 2009 I proposed a project to improve health care, by exploring applications of an inexpensive webcam-based fluorescent microscope that my company, Etaluma, is developing.

  1. Pictures of the 2009 trip (13MB .pdf)

  2. Pictures of the 2008 trip (18MB)

  3. Video of the 2007 trip: CaltechE105.part1.m4v (99 MB) and CaltechE105.part2.m4v (28MB)

We were also assisted by Carlos Marroquin of MayaPedal.

Energy Project

Honey project

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